I went east to my daughter’s for Thanksgiving. She was hosting the immediate family at her place. So we cleaned and cooked and cleaned again, and tried to make space for all the incoming food (which I failed to get any photos of. sigh). Turkey and gravy and dressing and several kinds of cranberry jelly (including my grandmother’s recipe for homemade cranberry jelly)  and relishes. A smoked turkey breast – most excellent!  Ham and mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole with marshmallows (such fun to heat up in the microwave for leftovers!). Homemade rolls and corn casserole and green beans. Vegetable trays and dip, cheese & sausage & cracker appetizers. Pumpkin pie and chocolate pie (both passed down from grandmother’s recipes) and apple pie and cookies and apple crisp and homemade white chocolate mints. And probably other things I’ve forgotten. Yum!!

And we packed up plates and dishes of foods at the end to take home, speculating on that most intriguing of holiday meal questions: how can we all have eaten so much, and still be taking home more food than we brought??

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