Bittersweet fall…

Time is passing quickly this fall. I’m out of town on three different business trips, I’m taking 2 doctoral classes, own of which meets four times on a SAturday…so that means 7 Saturdays this fall I am out of pocket. I miss Saturdays!

The last MFM ( ) of the year is this coming Saturday. The weather has been cool, and we have days and days and days of rain. Surprisingly enough, there was still a whole variety of cherry tomatoes last week that were quite good, as well as spinach and some lettuces. The pumpkins and gourds have been coming in, too. No winter squash – I would think it was just a Northern thing, but the Chattanooga market had acorn and butternut squash. But not Memphis. And no bittersweet this year – they said the berries were too few and too fragile. Again, that is something that grows better in the cooler mountains in east Tennessee. Maybe next year. Meanwhile, I’m still enjoying tomatoes in a season when I expected them to be all gone!

Salad simple & good: wash cherry tomatoes. Halve if large. Cut fresh mozzarella (and it must be fresh, not the hard prepackaged blocks). into bite-size chunks and throw in with tomatoes. Splash with balsamic vinaigrette. Eat and enjoy!!

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