Seasons moving on to fall…

Fall is definitely in the air, even here in the midsouth. This morning at the farmer’s Market, the vendors have on sweatshirts and hats and gloves. Summer foods are coming to an end: there are a few scattered tomatoes left, and I found some Cherokee Purple, and some unidentified yellow and orange ones. And cherry tomatoes still. But everyone shakes their heads and says it is probably the last this year, because of the ongoing rain and now the cold. It will be the last for me, as I am out of town next week,  and I can’t imaging there will still be any by the 24th. I sliced up two for lunch, and they are still very good and better than grocery-store-bought, but the texture is a little softer, the flavors a little subdued.  

In fact, it’s cold enough I am craving soup instead of salads, so will make Taco Soup for tonight. And then sautéed some peppers and onions and Italian sausage tomorrow. Both freeze well,s o I’ll have leftovers fro lunches for a while.

Still lots of squash and peppers and eggplant and zucchini are available at the Farmer’s Market. I bought beautiful medium zucchini and will make zucchini fritters, my this year’s favorite zucchini recipe, based on a recipe from the now-defunct Gourmet magazine.

And probably one last batch of disappearing zucchini orzo, my last year’s favorite recipe, from Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Vegetable Miracle. 

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