When good recipes go bad

I’ve been receiving Swiss chard on a regular weekly basis in my CSA sack, and have been looking up new recipes. In one of the fresh seasonal cookbooks I really like, there was a version of spannikopita (those little Greek spinach & cheese filled triangles, often served as appetizers) using swiss chard and layered into a casserole (much easier!). So I copied what I needed to buy at the grocery & how much and cheerfully went shopping. It wasn’t until I was standing in the store looking at my list “1 pound (2.2kg) frozen phyllo sheets) and holding the box “contains 1 ounce” that I realized there was a disconnect. Now I had used phyllo before, and knew it was only one box I needed. But would somebody inexperienced with phyllo really think they needed 16 boxes (at $3.29 per box)??? I can only hope not. The bane of proofreaders: those details that are wrong. Probably “1 ounce” didn’t sound right to a non-cook proofreader who had just read…”layer 9 sheets of phyllo- then filling – then 9 more sheets of phyllo – then filling, and top with 9 more sheets of phyllo”. Whatever. Those recipes sneak up and catch all of us at sometime with a colossal, or possibly expensive, failure

Meanwhile, I bought my 1 ounce, followed the directions,  and still have some phyllo leaves leftover, which I will probably use with fruit this weekend. Doesn’t a mini peach and blueberry strudel sound pretty good?

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