Zucchini is starting to come in. Still small enough and few enough that we appreciate them. Although the big ones are creeping in. In my CSA share this week, I felt like Goldilocks and the three zucchini. 3 zucchiniWhere I grew up, in Pennsylvania, they’ll be ready in a few weeks…then ripening faster and producing more until by early August, we’re tired of them. And friends hide when they see us coming. And you can’t give them away to neighbors, acquaintances, or even people at work, because everyone has had enough!!  By then we’ve sauteed, grilled, steamed & stuffed them, made zucchini bread, brownies, cake, and cookies. What else is there to do?? So an annual national day was created: Sneak-A-Zucchini-Onto-Your-Neighbor’s-Porch Night. August 8, every year. And you have to sneak them, because if the neighbor sees you coming, they will politely (or not!) refuse. Meanwhile, zucchini are welcomed for early summer!

Recipe: I created this by accident. The goal was to saute them gently in butter. But…Melt one or two teaspoons butter in a large frying pan over very low heat. Slice zucchini crosswise and place in pan, one layer deep. Sauteed for 5-10 minutes..then put the lid on, and go away and leave them for another 20-30 minutes (I got distracted an forgot about them). The bottom crisps up like it’s been fried,and it’s all melt-in-your-moth tender.

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  1. I sent a platter of this stuffed zucchini over to my neighbors and they didn’t refuse!

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