Surplus Greens 2 Go: Swiss Chard

Most CSA users comment on the overabundance of greens they receive – I will NOT be the exception. I actually postponed starting the CSA shares until the end of May because I am not a huge fan of greens and they are abundant in early cool spring weather. Spinach is OK, but turnip and collards are not. Swiss chard? Never tried it. And here I was with a 2-gallon bag of it.

So I turned to my recipe books.  Swiss chard, it turns out, is closely related to beets – the leaves are very similar, but the chard doesn’t have the beet “root”. swiss chardIt comes in white – with a white stem and green leaf, and red – with a dark red stem and dark green leaves with dark red veining. There are also bright yellow- & orange- stemmed varieties.

What to do with it? Sauteed, boiled until tender, served as a side dish. HO-hum. I tried the sauteed. Not bad. I sauteed some and added it to an omelet. Also not bad. A mild flavor. But that was a couple handfuls and I still had a huge – and I mean HUGE! – bag  left. I knew it was getting to be time to do something with them tonight – but it was a gray and rainy day, and a cold front came though Memphis – June & the temps are in the 60’s. Amazing!

But supper somehow called for comfort food. I was thinking soup – but too much trouble. And then I found the “Chard Cheese Bake”. Eggs, milk, cubed bread, swiss cheese, paremsan cheese, onion…and a pound of Swiss chard, cooked and chopped. It started off sounding like French Toast ot bread pudding with veggies & cheese added – how could that be bad? And in fact, it was delicious! I meant to take a photo, but was hungry…and forgot. Oh, well. I imagine I will have more before the end of the year, and can try again.

Recipe: The above mentioned one comes from Simply In Season, a lovely book of  recipes, ideas and stories for those who like local sustainable agriculture and fresh seasonal market foods.

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2 Responses to Surplus Greens 2 Go: Swiss Chard

  1. caitlin says:

    thanks, Lee! this idea for chard is just what I need— my garden is full of beautiful chard. Let me know if you want some more!!!!

  2. Jewell says:

    Yeah, I remember thinking just how beautiful swiss chard is, but what to do with it.
    Once when son and wife came home for holidays, and they had just begun to try out being vegan, from being vegetarian, fixed an all vegan holiday dinner. Included swiss chard and remember a recipe that, yes, cooked down a large amount and yes ingredients included EVOO, butter, seasoning and lots of sauteed mushrooms, with maybe a spalsh of wine. I think the recipe was on the Food Channel site, but can’t remember whose.
    Exactly agree with you on Spinach and not the other greens.

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