So many snow peas, so little time….

Snow peas aren’t uncommon. But the recent rains and then sun plumped the peas up and ripened them fast, so there was a good-sized pile in the CSA bag.

snow peas at restThe pods should be flat and tender, with teeny-tiny sweet peas nestled inside
Perfect steamed, or stirfried with a little onion and garlic. Also just fine raw with a dip, or sliced into a salad. Or, blanch (supposedly for 60 seconds in boiling water, but for snow peas, I usually do a minute or two in the microwave) then cool and freeze.

Good Eatin’:  Rinse and snow peas. De-string if needed (cut off the stem end and see if any string pulls off down the edge of the pod.) Nibble raw.  Mix with carrot sticks and red pepper strips for an elegantly colorful veggie snack.

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